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Whole-Grain Rye bread with grain flake

Whole-Grain Rye bread with grain flake

400g; 1,2 kg

Made of whole-grain rye flour without yeast. Flour is made by milling whole grains including both germs and bran. All valuable parts of the grain are preserved. Bread is more nutritious. Bread is made of parboiled flour by leavening it in the wooden tub for more than 24 hours, then dough is kneaded, each loaf is hand made.

Ingredients: Whole-grain rye flour (100 %), whole-grain flakes (rye, wheat, oat, barley) (12%), sugar, rye malt, wheat bran, salt, cumin



Six slices of the Whole-Grain Rye Bread provides the necessary daily fibre intake.