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Bun "Apalite"Bun "Apalite"Bun "Apalite"

Bun "Apalite"

210 g

Hamburger-shaped buns, suitable for nature trips or lunch breaks on a trip. Possible to fill with meat, cheese, and lettuce… 

Beef burgers

Bun "Apalīte" - 1 packet (three pieces)
Ice lettuce
Burger sauce
Beef cutlet
Lightly salted cucumbers
Cheddar cheese sauce

Burger sauce (three servings):
 Mayonnaise 80 g
 Tomato sauce 50 g
 Grain mustard Dijon 1 tbsp. 
Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Beef cutlet (three servings):
 Minced beef of known origin (preferably with a 20% fat to lean ratio) 500 g

Take a large bowl, put minced beef in a bowl, add salt and pepper. Mix everything thoroughly. When the spices are thoroughly mixed into the meat, we weigh or simply divide the meat into 165 g. We make meatballs of the required shape (approximately 1.5 cm thick) and bake to medium maturity.

Cheddar cheese sauce (three servings):
 Cheddar orange cheese 60 g
 Milk 120 ml
 Butter 30 g
 Flour about 1 tbsp.
 Cayenne pepper ground to taste
 Salt to taste

Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, gradually adding the flour. Heat until flour is combined with butter (about 4 min). Then gradually pour the milk, stirring vigorously until the sauce becomes thicker. Add grated or finely chopped cheddar cheese and spices.

We take a bread cut in half and slightly toasted from the inside. Sprinkle the lower part with burger sauce, put on the sauce salad leaves, then tomato slices, onion rings, lightly salted or pickled cucumbers, and roast beef. On top of the meat, pour the creamy cheddar cheese sauce and lightly toast the top of the bun on top.